Rome 6.5.68 VPRO

TITOLO: Rome 6.5.68 VPRO
DATA: 6-May-1968
LUOGO: Palazzo Dello Sport - Rome, Italy
FONTE: Radio-Soundboard


1. Italian announcer 0:39
2. Astronomy Domine 6:44
3. Roger Waters Interview 2:48
4. Set The Controls 8:28
5. Interstellar Overdrive 6:38


Brani estratti dal "First European International Pop Festival", tenutosi a Roma al "Palazzo Dello Sport" (sulla copertina e' riportato erroneamente il "Piper Club"). Oltre ai Pink Floyd parteciparono anche Nice, Byrds ed altri gruppi.
La registrazione proviene da un rebroabcast della radio olandese VPRO.
Qualita' audio eccellente, anche se il gruppo non e' ripreso al massimo della forma. Forse anche per via delle condizioni poco favorevoli, come accenna Waters nell'intervista riportata in seguito.
[5] e' una versione inusuale del brano, la parte iniziale e' pero' tagliata.

Roger Waters Interview:

[ROGER: I would say that Rome is an absurd place to organize a pop festival you know. If it would've been me I would never have picked Rome you know. Ah... Anyway you know it's not you know, it's not a sort of pop-pop festival, if you see what I mean you know. If I was organizing a pop festival in England and wanted to make money and draw big crouds you know, I'd have on ah... well all the people have sold alot of records in England this you know is Engelbert Humperdink and old people like that you know, and those are the people who should really be playing in a pop festival. If the ... wants to fill the place, now if he doesn't. If he wants to cated to a minority audience then, well I'm certainly in Rome, this evenings alot of groups anyway where I don't know about the italian groups or their association, but anyway the groups in the first half, really a minority, well The Move possibly not, but The Nice and us are certainly a minority appeal you know, and we should be playing in much smaller clubs where there aren't these bloody television lights shining you know. We couldn't use our lightshow at all, it was obvious as soon as we arrived. We decided not to use it because we were gonna have a real hassle within.]

[INTERVIEWER: Yes, like you think there is a new kind of, let's call it experimental or progressive pop music emerging which appeals to a certain, a little bit older public than usual public?]

[ROGER: Yeah, there is.]

[INTERVIEWER: And which is especially on LPs?]

[ROGER: Yeah, definetely.]

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